Friday, October 23, 2009

Education on weather

One of our support groups hosted a local weather lady to come in and do a demonstration and talk about weather. We talked about different weather conditions and how they produce different types of storms as well as how to handle different weather situations.

Here they were showing some static electricity.
Since she had them mess their hair up, she let them mess hers up too :)
Then she had them practice what to do in a tornado and explained why...

If I can find it I also have a short video of when she had some volunteers (Ethan got to be one) simulate a thunder storm forming :)

History, close to home :)

For our history lesson one day we had grandma over with a bunch of things her parents had kept from history and old family pictures. I never grew up knowing much about either side of my family's history as 3 out of 4 of my grandparents were dead before I was born. The remaining grandparent I only met once in my tween years then he died before I turned 20. So it was very neat and interesting to get to see a piece of MY history. A glimpse into my family's past. We all had a neat time, my mom relive some wonderful memories as well as learning some new things herself, and the kids and I seeing a piece of history that had personal meaning :)

This was a math/riddle book of mind teasers that had belong to my grandpa as a boy or young man.

This shows the size of this pocket size book :)
Just more memories.....
This dress we believe belonged to my grandma or her sister, we aren't sure.
Doesn't this picture almost look like it could have been pulled out of history!


My mom found out about an art contest that a local group was doing to come up with art for their slogan about the importance of family, and what family means to the individual doing the drawing. It was a rather last minute thing as we found out about it only a few days before the contest ended, but we decided to give it a try anyways, maybe next year we can do some more planning for it......but the kids still had fun and did a great job!