Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our Rodeo experiance

David got box seats, company tickets, to the Claremore rodeo! We got to go last year and the kids LOVED it as did we, so we didn't have to think twice when we were offered them this year!! We were also able to invite a friend and her two kids :)
Here they are Lexi, Brianna, Ethan, and Zachary........looks like Caleb got cut out of the picture, but he was there after Zachary :)

I can't remember what this is called, but it's an event where all the kids in the audience get to come out in the arena and chase 5 cows w/tags on their tails to get the tags. Each child w/a tag wins a prize! Caleb went out but quickly got frightened when the kids all started running in different directions....thankfully he was at the fence near our seats, where dad was still seated, so he climbed the fence to safety! LOL So below is a pic of all the kids running to catch the cows!

See the tag on their tails.....
Well Brianna got one!!!
Zachary, Lexi, Brianna, and Ethan showing off Brianna's prize :)
We also got to see the Budweiser clydesdales, wow do they look gorgeous!

I was trying to get a cute mother daughter pic of Lexi and Tiffany, but Lexi kept pouting and apparently when I snapped Tiffany was showing Lexi what it looked like :) To cute!
Zachary and Tiffany, all smiles.

I think they boys might have been bored in between events as they kept trying to climb the fence :) But alas fun was had for all, and everyone in our house crashed hard........I'm sure in Tiffany's too!!

And the nap won :)

Thursday morning we had a busy morning that included a chiropractor appt for me. I love my chiropractor, but sometimes in can take awhile and Micah gets antsy :) So I had a friend watch him....thanks a million Carol.... well he fell asleep in her friends lap in a chair for about 10min or so......basically making him think he was rested and didn't need a nap!! Ahhh, not! So I let him work it out in his room :) He cried at the door for about 15min then off and on for another 15min (at which time he apparently found his books) so he finally fell asleep and I had to get a pic of him, toys in the bed and all! LOL

Monday, May 12, 2008

a looong but fun trip

We went to Mississippi to see David's family this last weekend. David's mom was hosting a suprise party for his Grandmother for her 80th birthday!! We decided, pretty much last minute, to leave on Thur evening so we could break the trip up into 2 days and see some things. David looked up parks and such and we decided to go to the Little Rock Zoo...........bonus was that our Tulsa Zoo Friends pass got us in free!!!
Daddy and the kids looking over one of the zoo's many neat exhibits where you get to look down on the animals instead of looking through a fence or glass :)
Our rather close up view of the giraffes!
It was so funny, this orangutan was sitting on the ground and this sheet was laying next to him then he reached over and grabbed it and placed it on his head........we all got a kick out of this :)
Caleb as usual wouldn't get in on this pic, but the other three played along.
Doesn't he look so cut! We were in with the lorikeets and he was holding his arm out to try and get the birds to land on him :) of course they never landed on any of us................I was relieved, I have a bit of a fear of them after watching the movie "The Birds" in highschool! LOL

ahhhh, but this was the highlight :) We play a game in the car that we call the animal guessing game where we describe an animal and everyone else tries to guess what it is. Well Ethan had come up with this "new" animal and Brianna and I were just SURE it wasn't real ..................well, here is it plain as day! The naked mole rat!!!

Micah leading Gran around the porch :)
This was David's bike when he was a preschooler!

It was a quick but full trip, so the kids were exhausted and all slept part of the way home......

ahhh, so mom IS cool!

Ok, so the kids seem to constantly be fighting over who gets to play the ONE nintendo DS game we have (the new Mario Bros) and it is soooo irritating. Well we are going to Mississippi this weekend so David and I thought we'd call some shops that sell used games to look for another Mario game. Upon my calling one and giving a brief synopsis of WHY we are looking for another Mario game the guy walked me through how to make the one we already have a 2 player game on seperate DS's now the kids are having a BLAST playing against each other! Maybe I should have waited till Friday to show them ;) Anyway, they now think I'm pretty cool again :)

A wonderful mother's day :)

We got to spend the afternoon w/a family that is becoming more dear to me everyday :) They invited us over (after having been lavished w/a pedicure w/my mom's group on Sat night!! I won big this mother's day!!) for games and a bonfire. The adults got to play a nice game of badminton. The kids shot the bow and arrow, played crochet, and many other fun games. I believe fun was had by all :) But at the end was the swing ...............

Brianna swinging w/Bethany

Caleb swinging w/Bethany

Ethan doing tricks swinging w/Bethany .....big surprise huh?!? LOL

and last but not least, Daddy and Micah swinging :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

lots going on :)

Well, where to start! Last weekend I got to go to the Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Convention in OKC, it was great. My precious husband kept the kids for me while I got to leave Friday afternoon and return home Sunday morning. It was fun, peaceful, educational, and refreshing all at the same time!! A friend, Kim, and I got to go together and we stayed at the Character training Institute which was a hotel w/ministry as it's main purpose. There are no phones or tv's in the rooms but that was actually nice :) And to boot it was only $32 a night!! I returned home to find that Brianna had taken up some of the reins and done all the goat feedings (Chloe was getting bottles at 6:30am, 11:30, 4:30, and 9:30!) and she did it all with a WONDERFUL attitude. Sometimes I forget how much the kids really are capable of helping out and I try to do it all's times like this that David or mom help remind me how much the kids REALLY can help :)

Then I got home on Sunday and we were doing some work in the yard when Amy called asked if we wanted my nephew's bunk beds.........he'd gotten a new bed. Now you have to understand, I've wanted this set since before I even knew she'd bought it 6yrs of course we took it!! The delema....we had no where to put it ;) So that David picked them up on Monday night and we set them up in Micah's room..........and he spent his first night in his "BIG BOY" bed :( It was a sad change for me as this means my last baby is indeed growing up. He just looked so tiny that big bed :(

The reallly nice part however is that Caleb can sleep on the top bunk for naps (he says it's to dark in there at night and he LOVES having that chat time with Ethan ;) )which frees up Ethan's room if I need him to lay and rest or read :) I'm sooooo loving it! Well, Micah's up early and we have an appt this afternoon to check out a head start program, then Brianna's piano recital tonight, gotta run :)