Friday, October 31, 2008

Awe, so sad :(

We lost our sweet bunny :( I went outside to pet her and check her water and she was dead :( I have no idea what killed her. Brianna said she was fine and moving yesterday afternoon/evening so I have no idea........

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun with food

Micah had the cutest revelation tonight at dinner. Apparently to him the ranch on his plate looked like a rabbit! He was so cute :)

Fun at school :)

So we are studying the early colonists and today was a day to do an archological dig. We marked our "ground" so that we could keep a journal of what was found where. Then the kids dug in!

Once they found something they'd use a paintbrush to carefully expose it and determine what level it was at. 

Since their digging area was much smaller they dug with a spoon ;)

And here they are recording it all in their journals :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yard WORK turned FUN!

It was nice to see Micah and Mallie playing so nicely together :)

Since I had been raking leaves and had called the kids out to help me they asked if they could jump in the leaves some.... Micah's jump

Brianna's jump....

Caleb chose to dive in :)

Ethan did some dives and some jumps, but I liked this jump the shows how he's always showing his uniqueness ;)

Fun in the yard

The kids were having a blast doing these sack races. Micah wanted to join in but not only could the poor guy keep up, he couldn't even keep THE BAG up! LOL Sad little picture :(

Since the sack races weren't working for him he decided to help daddy start the fire to burn the leaves ;) 

He then moved on to some cuddle time with me. I tried a few lame attempts at getting a pic then finally Brianna came over and helped me out :)

Then Micah wanted to return the favor.......he took a pretty good picture of her huh?!?

Country living

Ok, so in the "theme" of going more country living here....... last week we learned how to make pear preserves!! We started out with a whole bucket of pears much like the ones below (these were the leftovers as we got tired of peeling and cutting, plus our pan was full :)

So with some recipe help, and a couple of calls in the process our neighbors taught us how to make these and BOY are they yummy!! I think we're going to make some with our frozen blackberrys next :) yuuuuummmmm

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Relax, have fun

So Sunday's have become a bit more hectic now that we attend church both in the a.m. and p.m and having to be there early for choir/ushering, so the kids and I decided to have some "Monday fun". (Don't worry, we still got our school work done!) Every since a friend of ours told us about letting her "older" kids take baths together in their swim suits Brianna and Ethan have been begging to! So I finally found a "good" time and let them :)

Tons of fun

Our church had their annual picnic this last weekend. They had all kinds of blow up things for the kids on top of being at a park.....needless to say the kids had a BLAST!!

This is Brianna strapping up to climb the blow up wall.
And climbing.......

Caleb headed for the jupiter jump and had some great wild boy time!!
And here's Ethan straping up for his turn to climb.
and there he goes............

Even Caleb had a go at it....he didn't go as high but boy was I proud of him!!
You know, God is sooooo good. We had gone to a pumpkin patch the day before with some friends and didn't know they'd have a hay ride that would cost $3 per person so we hadn't brought money to go. Well, wouldn't you know our church had FREE hayrides and the kids even got to go more than once!! So here are Brianna and Caleb on the hay ride.
Caleb right after he'd gotten his face painted...........he really had liked it when they did this at church a few weeks ago so he got what he thought was the same painting (a lion) .....he was very upset when I called him a little tiger!!
Brianna was getting her tiger face painted on :) Ethan stood here patiently waiting his turn.
And here was Ethan's finished product of a spiderman face!!
Ethan throughly enjoyed playing horse shoes, which he had just discovered they day before at the pumpkin patch :)
Brianna and Ethan on the hay ride :)
And last but certainly not least, Ethan and Brianna fighting it out in a "productive" way ;) You gotta watch to see who wins!

The day really wore Caleb out and he passed out on the way home............

Impromptu speech

Brianna is taking a co-op class on government. Long story short they are having an election for class president and the platform is the health of kids in America. The kids who wanted to run for president were to prepare a speech for the class........well I really didn't think she'd be interested because she's pretty shy. Plus honestly things were crazy busy and the tired mom in me didn't want to have the extra work of helping her :( What I didn't think about was the good practice she'd get from giving a class speech. Well in any case, we didn't prepare her a speech but she gave an impromptu one anyway!! So here it is :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I've been tagged! I was tagged by A common housewife I'm supposed to state six "interesting" things about myself and then tag 6 other people!!

1. I did a surrogacy for a couple in between my 2nd and 3rd children.........we thought we were done ;) 

2. I strongly desire to live on the mission field.

3. I met my husband in an accounting class at the community college.

4. I've always been a city girl...........but I guess I'm going country ;) LOL

5. I really only listen to christian music......and have since I was in 3rd grade!

6. Even though we're done having children I'd still really love to have more :(

ok, so I'm tagging .......

3. Nicole

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A new hobby

I believe I've mentioned our "keepers of the faith" group before. It's a group of moms and girls that get together once a month to learn about a Christ centered charateristic (one for the year) and learn a new skill each month.  We've did lots of different skills last year from cooking to crocheting to how to host a tea party. Well this month our skill is quilling. This really struck a cord with Brianna's artistic/detailed side! She took off the night of the meeting and made three items.

Then the following day she and her brother spread supplies out on her floor and she taught him how to do it!! Here's the mess that ensued.............
And the creations they made :)
Then today her Grammy took her and the boys to Hobby Lobby to buy even more supplies including another quilling tool for Ethan to be able to do it with her ;) I think our Christmas presents will have some neat homeade tags on them! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The farm is growing :)

Well we lost Choloe this last Tue night :( So we were once again faced with wheither to sell Eddie or get another goat. Welllllll, we opted to get another one :) This time from a different place. We are still debating if we should call her Chloe (so Micah doesn't have to learn another name) or to move on to another name.........Gloria we were thinking. So here she is. After looking some things up I think she might be a LaManche.......a milk goat :)
Annnnndddd, David surprised us by buying a rabbit too! We've named her fluffy and are told they have no idea if she's pregnant! LOL 
Then that afternoon we were driving home from getting feed and supplies and we stopped by the water in the trailer park near us to feed the ducks/geese. 

This kitten was also added awhile back when David found it cornered, at a jobsite, by two masstives :( The kids love it and even Micah carries it around the yard. 
And this is Tigger who came to us via a lady we were helping out several months ago. 
Now it sounds like we have a possibility of getting chickens on our horizon!! So we really are turning into a small farm :) Who would have guessed. If you ask anyone who knew me growing up and they'll sure tell you they never would have pegged me for all this. I was the child who didn't even like being outside for recess and would go help the kindergarden teachers ;) LOL