Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Branson outing

Brianna has been singing "I Won't Grow Up" from Peter Pan for voice lessons and her teacher recommended taking her to see the production in Branson. So Mom and Tim took me and her to Branson to see it! We all loved it :) But just as interesting was our visit at The College of the Ozarks....nicknamed Hard Work U.

As of right now she's proclaimed this is where she wants to go to college and we're all for it!
The philosophy of the college is so neat and most students get the opportunity to work in their field during school. The university has a bakery, hospital, their own dairy and much more. Either all or most of their students work throughout the school year (at the university, in some area) during the school year and some work throughout the summer to pay their room and board. I think it's such a neat way to give them experiance and teach them a good work ethic! Anyway, here's our mini visit to the milking station.

And Brianna getting autographs after the show :)

And of course a few trips to the zoo :)

We actually got to see so many animal that we don't get to see very often in our 2 trips this summer.

Kinda funny that we have goats and sheep yet the kids still love to go to the petting zoo :) They had some young Nubian goats this time!

My "boys" climbed this "BIG" rock :)

Grammy even made it on this trip!
It was so cute, Caleb was being such a big brother helping Micah out.....and Micah was letting him :)

Fun with Famiy

My Dad, Stepmom, little brother and sister came to visit in mid July and we had a wonderful time! Here are just a few of the shots of the kids playing together and having fun.

Kate is only a few years older than the girls so they love hanging out with her, and Robbie is wonderful with all the kids and keeping them inline ;)

The last day there were in town they made it out to our house for a bonfire. Micah spent some "quality time" with Dad talking him out of his Whoppers! LOL

Those would be Ethan's feet at the top of this picture as he's sitting IN the basket ball hoop!
Micah wanted Kate to help with the marshmellow shooter ;)

My baby girl :)

Thought I'd post this video. We got a call from the camp director asking if they could include a blurp about Brianna in their newsletter so they sent us a copy of the rough draft as well as a video they had. Here's how the rough draft read :)

This is Brianna.On Thursday night during the week of camp we held an informal talent show.I called it the “Really Big Show”.I encouraged all the kids in advance to prepare for the show by thinking of a talent or skill they posses that they might share with everyone.The night came and it was time for the show.There were about eight or nine participants.Most of them came up and did something silly like tell a few jokes or tried to make everyone laugh.It was a hoot! Then Brianna came up. Everyone got totally silent as she grabbed the microphone and boldly began to sing, in acappella, the song, “Above All (crucified)” She sang a portion of the song with all she had in her. Briefly, when she finished, you could hear a pin drop…then the room exploded in applause and cheering. I was amazed at her boldness and fearlessness to get up in front of all of us and do something no one else was doing. It was truly a highlight of camp.