Friday, April 24, 2009

Need a good laugh?

Well, I do what I can for you :) So let's review, in our small "farm" learning process we've
1. bought 2 goats thinking we had a buck and a doe.........turns out it was 2 bucks
2. thought we got 6 hens.......turns out we had 6 roosters

and now........
3. thought we bought twin bottle fed kids........turns out we got 2 LAMBS!!! yep, Chip and Mocha are Barbado black bellied SHEEP!! What little reading I've been able to do so far they are self shedding so we don't have to shear them, but rams (which Chip would become) can become down right mean....maybe even more so than bucks (male goats). So now we are contemplating whether to keep them (part of this depends on if it's to late to castrate Chip) or sell them.........

Hope you got a nice laugh :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Branson for the weekend

These pictures are all from the second day of going to Silver Dollar City. Our first day, we got into town about 11:30am, we checked into the "cabin" and headed to Silver Dollar. Within 10min of getting there it started pouring so we found a spot in the bakery and had some dessert. We were gonna do the cave to kill time until the rain passed but Micah was really restless so we decided I'd take him back to the cabin. The rain was gone by the time we were leaving the park but started pouring JUST before we were ready to leave the cabin to meet back up with David and the kids :( So Micah and I got soaked and met everyone else at the gate also soaked to the bone and a bit cold. The lovely part was that since we were only staying for one night David and I only had the jeans we were wearing, no change. So David put on his swim trunks and I put on my PJ bottoms so he could take them to a dryer on site and dry our clothes in order to be able to go out in public for dinner! Needless to say the first day wasn't so great but the second day was MUCH better.
Boy, what we won't do for our kids! We saw all kinds of parents stuffed into these kiddy rides so that their smaller children could ride :)

Caleb was so proud of himself that he was brave enough to ride things ALL BY HIMSELF!
Ethan and Brianna took turns on different rides riding with Micah. He'd want to ride them so bad then start crying while they were waiting for it to start, and then calm down shortly after it started and realized it wasn't so scary ;)

I didn't get any videos of this, but these are those big swings. David rode with Caleb and Brianna and Ethan rode seperately......Brianna realized she did NOT like it :( Just like her mama!

Ethan waiting to ride a ride that spins and swings.

This was Micah's pass time while waiting and watching Ethan on the last ride :) Not sure WHY he decided to suck on David's hair, but at least it was clean ;) LOL

This was Caleb's first "real" rollercoaster. He had ridden the "baby" rollercoaster, but this was the real deal :) He LOVED it and made some of the cutest faces, his first comment though was, "That was too short."
We left the park after this last ride as it was starting to sprinkle and we didn't really want to have to wear PJ pants and swim trunks on the drive home ;)

Caleb asleep on the way home.
Minutes after waking up :)
Micah sleeping on the way home :)
and him waking up.......

A boy to the core!

Ethan is so funny. He was asked to take the trash out and his true personality came shining through! He slipped on his dad's shoes (huge on him of course), picked up his dad's Mountain Dew (that was outside), and then was just thinking in his own little world. Of course by the time I got the camera out to record it he wasn't doing much longer as he notice me, but it was still cute enough to share what I did get :)

Easter fun

After a great service at church we headed home for naps, then it was off to my sisters for our family Easter Egg hunt and meal at my sister's. So here are the kids hunting their eggs :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our newest additions :)

So since we are learning so many things with our animal additions we of course made another "mistake" when we bought our chickens ;) Apparently we bought all roosters! LOL But to our credit we did find out that at the age we bought them it's nearly impossible to tell their sex. So in any case we went to the auction to sell all six roosters and try to buy one goat. Well it ends up after a series of events David ended up at one auction and myself at another. All in all we came home with a tiller, a feeder, 4 chickens and 4 goats :) So here they are......

Sarah is the white doe, and midnight is the black wether (castrated male) , David got these.

And these are the twins :) Mocha is the tan female and Chip is the lighter buckling, I got these :) They are 2 weeks old and are bottle feeding. I don't think they'd been given a bottle yet when we got them, but they are getting the hang of it, Chip especially! I have to get it into Mocha's mouth then she'll suck away :)

Therapy fun

Micah rides this bike pretty much every time he goes to therapy he rides this bike and he looks so cute! I finally remembered my camera so I could capture it!

He also rides this sometimes, he calls it the train :)

Late snow

Yep, March 28th we had a rather nice little snow storm :) Needless to say it allowed me to celebrate my birthday all weekend! LOL

David took me out Friday night for my birthday, then due to the snow on Sat we all got to go out and see a movie in 3D! THEN on Sunday we all got to go out to eat after church :) Not to shabby for a birthday celebration huh?!?