Saturday, July 26, 2008

a nannie and a kid :)

Well, we sold "Chloe" today. When we bought Chloe and Eddy we paid $25 for the we sold Chloe for $44 :) Not bad huh?! Now goats are herd animals so they do best when they have company, so of course we bought a nannie (female) to keep Eddy company ;) Long story short David had to make a purchase without me there so now I'm waiting for him to get home so I can see her. He said she was white, to which I was sad cause I'm not a fan of the plane white goats, they aren't near as pretty in my opinion. Then he went on to correct himself reminding me that just the other day he'd called Franny (the dog) white, when she's clearly beige or light tan by my standard ;) LOL, so we'll see what color the new nannie really is! I'll get a pic on here soon.

gardening, a learning curve ;)

Well, remember we decided to grow a garden this year........well, there will definately be a learning curve to this! LOL some of the plants are doing well, other look a little sad. Some of them we weren't even sure WHAT they were when they first started sprouting up.....till we found our planting chart ;)
These are the beans, they look pretty healthy, but no pods yet?!? The smaller ones were planted a month or two later than the larger ones ;)
These are the cantalope which were also planted later than the rest of the garden.
This is one of 2 lonely carrots that started to grow.
Here's our corn that sprouted up quickly but then just kinda stoped :(
This is one type of lettuce....don't remember which kind :)

And here is another.
This is our okra whic apparently is ready to be harvested :)
This is our one lonely pumpkin, it is a smaller variety.
This is one of our 2 poor tomatoe plants. We've only harvested 3 tomatoes and 1 we waited to long for, another looked like a worm or some bugs got it, and the last *might* be usable :) They are a smaller variety and I think next year we'll go with a bigger one. Anyway, I've finally found a great gardening message board that I can bombard with my gardening questions so hopefully my next one will be more successful :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

PSO's response

We got a letter in the mail today saying that PSO denied our claim (for all the things ruined during a power surge) stating that there was a breakdown in the line under the concrete pad in front of our house that caused the problem.......thus it's an unforseeable problem and not their responsibility :( So now we are left with several hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars worth of damage to have to replace on our own. I just don't get how this can be when both the fire department AND one of the PSO guys said the neutral was down .....that was NOT the line under our house?!? Anyway, for all of you prayer warriors, please say a prayer for me I'm taking this rather hard today :(


Well, it was a bittersweet morning today. Brianna and Ethan left to go stay in Mississippi with Nanny and Pawpaw this morning. They'll be gone for two weeks :( I wasn't functioning enough at 5:30 this a.m to break out the camera and take any parting pics but I should have cause I couldn't really get back to sleep after they left anyways! LOL

Last year was their first time doing this and they had a BLAST. They got to see and do lots of neat things and best of all, for mom, Nanny made a scrapbook of it all for them to show us and to remember their time there :) I'm very blessed to have a MIL who really enjoys doing things with all the grandkids and looks forward to oppurtunities to spend time with them. If you read this, thanks Nancy for all you do for my kids, even from a distance.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun at the firestation

Brianna and Caleb and I got to visit a firestation with one of my SAHM groups. Ethan was at a day sports camp and Micah was at home with my friend Carol and her daughter Mallie. Anyway, the kids had a great time and I got some cute pics ;0)

Caleb was first in line to go through and look inside the fire truck :)
Caleb standing on the front bumper, he thought this was pretty cool!
Brianna coming out of the fire truck.
Brianna and Caleb in front of the door.
Caleb having a turn spraying one of the smaller fire hoses.
Brianna's turn to spray!

All the kids from the group :)

Power Surge!

Ok, so last Wed morning we had a humdinger of a morning! Our day was supposed to start with swimming lessons at 9am, while Brianna would be with mom heading to piano lessons, we'd go to Micah's Dr's appt, then we'd meetup to do whatever. WELLLLL little did we know that our morning would be turned upside down! I was checking some emails while the boys were taking their time waking up and Brianna was practicing her piano.....all the sudden the lights get really bright...then dim.....then bright......then regular?!? I went ahead and unplugged my computer because while it was small we were having a storm. Then Brianna and I notice a strange smell. We start kinda sniffing around and thought maybe lightening hit the A/C?!? So I call David who says he'll come home and check it out. I finish getting the boys up and we all start getting dressed.......then the smell get stronger. So I start looking around the house more......notice the small appliance downstairs are smoking and sizzling! So I call David back.........voicemail! ACK!! I then text him to call me ASAP.....he replies "What, is the house on fire?" probably being sarcastic but I respond...."is might be!" so he calls :) I proceed to ask him if it could be an electrical fire? Should I call the fire department? He says if it would make me feel better go ahead and call them. Are you readly for this, it gets better! LOL I call 911 and tell them what's going on and they ask me my address......they transfer me and I notice when they answer the phone they said SHERIFFS department. Ok, I still proceed to tell them my story and how I wonder if maybe there's an electrical fire?!? I don't know about this stuff and I just want to make sure my kids are safe........after some discussion with him we decide to dispatch someone. He asks for my address.........

man: "um mam, you're in Catoosa"

me: uh HELLO, I KNOW that!

man: "Well", he says, " you've called the Inola Sheriffs department."

Me: "No, I called 911, they transfered me to you!"

Man: "you'll have to call the Catoosa Fire department, I can't help you"

Me: "thank"

soooo, I call 911 again, explain what happened was told there is NO INOLA sheriffs department! Whatever, I just need the Catoosa fire department please. sooo I'm transfered again. Thankfully they got it right and a team was dispatched. Once they got here and did their walk through they discovered there had been a power surge due to a faulty neutral line from the transformer. So they put in a call to PSO.

PSO gets here and finds indeed it's true that there is a faulty neutral line. Good news.....they'll put in a temp line till they get the permanent one fixed. Bad news.......the surge fried several of our small appliances including all alarm clocks, microwave, computer modem, etc... So now we are still in a holding pattern for PSO to send and adjuster out and look at everything and determine what if anything they'll pay :( Let me tell you, a week is a long time without those conveniances you're used to!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our 4th of July

It just happens that a family from art camp sat behind us so Brianna was able to play with her friend.
Micah was enjoying running off so this was daddy bringing him back from one of his adventures :)
Grammy cuddling on a blanket with Micah.

Grammy and Ms. Lisa playing cards with Ethan.
Micah looks so big sipping a Capri sun ;)
Caleb's self portrait :)
Brianna and Caleb eating their snow cones.
Daddy and his boys watching the fireworks.
one blast of fireworks (we were down at riverside).
The kids waving the flags the family gave them.
We had a blast and it wasn't such a miserable hot this year :)

lots of memories

Our home computer basically crashed so David was trying to salvage any information, pictures included, that he could. So he managed to get most of them onto a zipdrive for me to look at and see if I had them on my laptop. Man what a walk down memory lane :) Here are just a few ;)
Ethan used to love to dress up with Brianna and since we didn't have any "boy" dress up stuff yet he'd dress up in what we DID have ;)
A famous funny Ethan face for the camera! LOL
Ethan's making a funny face, but they really were close and LOVED to play together, with many fewer fights, when they were younger.

Brianna "graduating" from kindergarden :)
Caleb enjoying being outside.
Boy do Caleb and David have the same look here or what?!?
One of the many times Faith came and stayed with us during this period in her life........
I loved this face and Caleb went thorough a phase of making it quite often :)
Awww, Caleb's sweet tippy toes reaching him up to the sink.

Brianna's first day of first grade!

Ethan and Caleb playing on the floor......funny thing is I just pulled both of these outfits out of storage, the bigger one for Caleb to wear and the smaller one for Micah to wear!!!
My how they grow up fasts and sometimes you don't even realize it till you look back in pictures :( I'm so thankful to have all these wonderful memories on camera!