Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun field trip

My cousin works at a small local airport, where they mainly fly personal planes and company jets out of. She invited the kids and I to come check it out as they had a B-17 there for a display for this weekend where they'll also be offering rides for $430/person! It's an old plane that was used in WWII though so it's pretty cool. They weren't able to let us inside at this time (it'll be open this weekend) but we did get to see inside one of their other smaller was still really cool for the kids!

Field trip adventure

About 2 weeks ago we went with our homeschool group on a "field trip" to a great place called the purple glaze. They have pieces of pottery already made that you can purchase and paint there then they fire them and you come back to pick them up a few days later. Easy enough right......

Ethan was actually trying to do lots of detail on his....dragon, lovely :)
Brianna of course took her precious time painting a little doggy :)
Caleb got a cross and was so proud of his cool pattern he managed to do!
Micah got a cute little caterpillar and after applying 3 varying coats of paint, because he liked so many, the other kids weren't near done.....
see all the breakables in the background? Thankfully he didn't break any but he wanted to be busy so it made for one nervous mama!!

Candy Corn bunting

So as you can tell I've lately found some new blogs that have gotten me super inspired to craft! After seeing this, and this I decided to give it a whirl! So my first version (smaller ones)

only I decided to do the back in a plain yellow cause it's what I had for "support" but then I realized I could hang it reversed for easter or spring! Bonus!

Here's how I hung my second set (these are larger)

And a close up :) I was pretty excited with how they turned out! For someone who had done virtually no sewing a few weeks ago I'm pretty pumped about all this use on my machine and how much I'm learning on a rather cheap budget :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

a new addition :)

We've added a new addition to our family! He's a bearded of right now (from the previous owners) his name is Bam Bam but that's up for change possibly. So w/o further ado.......

Monday, September 13, 2010

I did it!!

For the first time EVER I used the zigzag stitch on my machine and did a project! I was soooo pleased with how it turned out :)

This was the onesie I dyed using this tutorial by Honey Bear Lane :) Funny was going to be a red striped onesie but apparently I forgot the last step in the directions (ironing it to set the color :) so I got a dark pink and light pink when I washed it! Thankfully it was for a little girl gift so it worked just fine, but when I go to do the little boy one I WILL remember that step ;)

And I got this little denim dress on clearance at Walmart (for $1) and thought it was perfect, you could put long sleeves under it with pantyhose for fall and short sleeves for warmer days. I wanted to add a tad bit of color so I stitched another row of embroidery to add a pink heart to match the onesie.

I then made a matching hair clip for the initial onesie and voila, a "handmade" lovely gift for baby!

Friday, September 10, 2010

some more accessories

I've sooo been on a kick with all these neat "bows" or flowers pins. Those and some simple is a set of one of the latest creations :)

Sorry, this pic is a bit blurry :( But this is another one of my scrappy flowers with a pretty in the middle :)

The one on the left is made as a pin....I think they turned out pretty good! This crafting is some GREAT me time, I think it's just what I've been needing :) I've also made a shirt from another tutorial I found online, I'll have to post that soon!

Join  us Saturdays at for the weekend wrap up         party!

Just another day at school...

We've been learning about the Atlantic States and in so doing we talked about the Pennsylvania dutch, so here are our Dutch Hex signs :)
All of our Hex signs laid out 

Caleb's Hex sign.....complete with name and date :)

Ethan's Hex sign.....fits his personality....BUSY :)

Here's Brianna's.....that's my detail girl!

Mine,  I spilled some paint on the top but I think I covered it up pretty well!
I had the perfect idea for a gift with this :)

And last but not least mom was able to join us so here's hers :)