Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Phantom

Hmmmmm, where to start? Well for our Christmas present Mom and Tim had bought us tickets to see "Phantom of the Opera", which I've wanted to see for years now :). David really wanted us to be able to get dressed up that night so he'd begun looking online and at stores for a dress for me. His selections included dress that were $200-$300 and I just couldn't justify spending that kind of money on ONE dress know me, miss frugle! LOL Well, on Father's day we had decide to take the kids on a free outing to walk around the mall ;) and got to looking at some great sales they were having on prom/evening wear. I found this dress at JcPenny's and loved it. All the dresses in it's section were marked down to $20 so I assumed this one was too. Well, after trying it on and falling in love with it I decided it was a steal at $20 so I'd get it :) .........only it was NOT $20 but $80 :( So I opted to wait and look some more, but the mall was closing very soon. So David and I went home that night and discussed what we'd found and that we'd go ahead and get it the next day. Well upon David's trip into Tulsa he ended up not having time to get to the store. So I went by on Tue morning......well once again I just couldn't bring myself to spend the $80. So I looked around the evening wear section where everything was 50% off and found a cute dress that would be $45, well that's better than $80 so I thought I'd go ahead and take that route ;) When I got up to the counter I asked the associate if she knew why that one rack was still only 20% off when everything else in that area was 60-75% off?? She said they should all be, proceeded to call a manager who told us, yes, that dress should be $20!! So I got it :) Plus shoes, (on sale) a purse, (on sale) and a guarder type thing (also ON SALE :) ) and still spent only about that same $80 for the whole evenings attire!!! So I felt like a million bucks :) Isn't God good, even in the "small" things of our lives. We had asked Him for this, and he proved, with only a week to spare, but he still provided!!

Us before dinner at Tei Kei's.
My sister, mom, and myself.

Amy, Dan, Mom, Tim, myself, and David.
One of my favorite shots, us outside of Tei Kei's after dinner.
My ticket and program from the show.
David and I in front of an old style clock after the show was over.

It was a wonderful night and I felt like a princess with her prince charming :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Well ok!

Wow, how embarassing to realize that our FEMALE goat is really a MALE!! I guess his sack was just really small and it's now growing and dropping! LOL So "Chloe" will either have to be whethered (snipped) or we'll have to sell him and get a female as 2 billies will get aggressive. So there it is folks, we are apparently not good at figuring out sexes! LOL hmmmmm, wonder what another trip to the livestock auction would bring ;)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

memories for a lifetime....

David and Ethan were able to go on a father son fishing trip last weekend....their first ever "guys only outing". Ethan had been begging to go fishing for quite some time now and a friend invited he and David to go with their church Royal Rangers group. They had a GREAT time and one they surely never forget :)

Ethan standing on the dock checking out the water.
Ahhh, love that "grin" he gives us for the camera.
This is definately a picture to scrapbook. He's fishing w/his fishing license tag on ;)
He's got a fish!!
See my fish?

Precious moments back at the camp, tossing the football around.
They're getting ready to head to the water to "swim" and play.

The "roaring rapids" that his knees scraped the bottom of going down :) but it was fun! LOL
Wading w/the raft.

Here's the gang that went to the "swimming hole" , the ONLY pic w/David in it too!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What can duct tape NOT fix?

Ok, so yesterday I was going to take the boys to big splash for some water fun........well they were closed due to storms that came through over the weekend. Ok, so we decide to check out the new pool in Broken Arrow that looks really cool, get there after calling them, and they had to close due to someone having an accident in the pool :( So we drive to the other B.A. pool......closed every Monday! Now we head to a local splash's ooober packed so the kids played for a bit but were a little intimidated so we left after 20 min :( Wellllllll, big splash was closed again today so we decided to empty the sand out of the kiddie pool we have, we'd been using it as a sand box the last year, and fill it with water to play here. Get it all emptied and ...........there are holes/cracks in it! Well, we went ahead and took naps and then BOOM, i thought of it, try duct tape!!! It saved our day!!

summer camp.....

Well Ethan and Brianna left Sunday for summer camp out at DryGulch :) Ethan has waited 2 long years since he heard all about how much fun Brianna had there, and this year it was FINALLY his turn. We had to check in at the church and get the kids checked for head lice. Then wait around in the HOT sun for them to begin loading the buses.

Once the buses were all loaded they headed off to camp.............we of course followed them since we'd also done that Brianna's first year ;)

Ethan hanging out the bus window to say hey just as they arrived at camp :)
Brianna waiting w/her group at camp to go finish checking in.
Brianna getting the last check for head lice.
Ethan getting checked now.
Caleb was in checking out Ethan's bunk and the counselor was teasing him asking if he was ready to stay for camp :)
Buddies Ethan and Bryce!

We pick them up Thur at noon and we'll hear all about the week!!

awww, playing "grandma" already!

Carol, who is a dear friend of the family, started out as our babysitter when Brianna was about 18mo old, now has a 15mo old of her own! Well, her home life wasn't ideal by any stretch and now her mom is out of the picture and David and I had always kind of thought of her like a daughter. Well now she's both a friend and family to us......anyway, I kept her daughter over night last night (her first night away from mom) so Carol and her husband could have some much needed date time :) I was privilaged enough to be able to give her her very first bath in the big bath tub!!! She wasn't sure what to think of it at first, till I put Micah in then she thought it was so much fun :)

fun with daddy

Last weekend...........I know, I'm a little late posting here :) David re-built the inside of my closet w/shelves, two levels on one side, and shoe box cubbies :) It was so cute as he was getting started Micah was trying to be just like daddy and work in the closet w/him :)