Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wow.....where has the time gone??

Where has the time gone? We've been soooo busy that time just flew and here I am almost 2 months w/o a post!! About mid to late Oct Brianna and I started rehearsals for American Theatre's production of "A Christmas Carol". Between having school Monday through Friday myself in the mornings, then play practice Monday through Friday evenings, we've been super busy! I realized in going through my pictures to post that I didn't even take ANY pictures on Thanksgiving :( And the only pics I DID take in November were the ones from going to see Rhema's lights! So here are a couple of those.........

And of course with kids you MUST have a pic w/funny faces :)

My next task is going to be to post some pics of/from the play. Once it's done on Dec 23 we will have done 14 performances!!