Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our newest additions :)

So since we are learning so many things with our animal additions we of course made another "mistake" when we bought our chickens ;) Apparently we bought all roosters! LOL But to our credit we did find out that at the age we bought them it's nearly impossible to tell their sex. So in any case we went to the auction to sell all six roosters and try to buy one goat. Well it ends up after a series of events David ended up at one auction and myself at another. All in all we came home with a tiller, a feeder, 4 chickens and 4 goats :) So here they are......

Sarah is the white doe, and midnight is the black wether (castrated male) , David got these.

And these are the twins :) Mocha is the tan female and Chip is the lighter buckling, I got these :) They are 2 weeks old and are bottle feeding. I don't think they'd been given a bottle yet when we got them, but they are getting the hang of it, Chip especially! I have to get it into Mocha's mouth then she'll suck away :)

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