Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My baby girl :)

Thought I'd post this video. We got a call from the camp director asking if they could include a blurp about Brianna in their newsletter so they sent us a copy of the rough draft as well as a video they had. Here's how the rough draft read :)

This is Brianna.On Thursday night during the week of camp we held an informal talent show.I called it the “Really Big Show”.I encouraged all the kids in advance to prepare for the show by thinking of a talent or skill they posses that they might share with everyone.The night came and it was time for the show.There were about eight or nine participants.Most of them came up and did something silly like tell a few jokes or tried to make everyone laugh.It was a hoot! Then Brianna came up. Everyone got totally silent as she grabbed the microphone and boldly began to sing, in acappella, the song, “Above All (crucified)” She sang a portion of the song with all she had in her. Briefly, when she finished, you could hear a pin drop…then the room exploded in applause and cheering. I was amazed at her boldness and fearlessness to get up in front of all of us and do something no one else was doing. It was truly a highlight of camp.


Sarah said...

She has a wonderful voice!! No wonder the whole room cheered her - she did great!!!

DerbyMomof3 said...

She sings well and she looks so much like you!