Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wow.....yep, I'm still here :)

No big eloquent post here....of course have I EVER been that way :) Just thinking some thoughts out loud. What a year this has been. Our family has had such a roller coaster ride. For the first time since having kids I went back to school....no, not "conventional" school, but school none the less. It's the first time that I feel my attention has ever truly been pulled away from my children....don't get me wrong I haven't neglected them (though at times I felt like I was) just that all I was doing wasn't focused/centered more on them than any other factor in my life. We've all laughed, cried, been excited, and been anxious at different points this year, towards my schooling and the school year. We've been criticized and questioned at different points by different people. Had highs and lows financially, emotionally, and physically. But as it's all rolling to an end......we are so glad we followed the Lord into His path for our life this last school year. We've all grown in so many ways.....some that I think we won't truly know for years to come. Do I/we know where we are headed now?...I don't know yet. But I know that the training and growth that has occurred this year is invaluable and will be one of the many training "courses" in our lives. Our faith is stronger, or communication has grown, and our goals and purposes have received LOTS of prayer and I'm confident that our steps are truly ordered of the Lord.

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