Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Field trip adventure

About 2 weeks ago we went with our homeschool group on a "field trip" to a great place called the purple glaze. They have pieces of pottery already made that you can purchase and paint there then they fire them and you come back to pick them up a few days later. Easy enough right......

Ethan was actually trying to do lots of detail on his....dragon, lovely :)
Brianna of course took her precious time painting a little doggy :)
Caleb got a cross and was so proud of his cool pattern he managed to do!
Micah got a cute little caterpillar and after applying 3 varying coats of paint, because he liked so many, the other kids weren't near done.....
see all the breakables in the background? Thankfully he didn't break any but he wanted to be busy so it made for one nervous mama!!

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