Saturday, October 16, 2010

A fair adventure....

Last week was the end of our local fair and the kids and I were able to go with my mom to check it out via a school deal. We got in for $2 a child over 4 and 2 free teachers! Not a bad deal at all. They had some great educational things going on in the kids building.....

  and of course in the birthing center and petting zoo.
Then we topped the day off with a few rides for each kiddo. This was the only thing we could actually get Micah to ride....he made it two laps then wanted off :( I think he's gonna be like his mom when it comes to rides! LOL

I think what we all got the greatest laugh about however was this.....
Ethan wanted to ride this camel so bad he even used his own money his Nannie had given him, $5 mind you. His response, "That was a waste, I only even went around 2 laps.".....the lesson, priceless! LOL
So starting about 9:30 am and finishing about 4pm we were worn out but all in all it was a great outing with adventure AND education ;)

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