Friday, March 28, 2008

Plugging along ;)

Well, it's 1:30 and already we've had a busy day :) Just this last week I've started couponing so we started out bright and early this a.m. to the grocery store to get a few things that were on a 3 day special. This was AFTER David had gone for me at 6am this morning to try and get them but they hadn't stocked yet so there were only 3 out :(, which someone ahead of him had gotten! In any case, we made it there, got some and a few other items we had coupons for. All the while the kids were bombarding me with wants......... we've really been trying hard to explain to them the value of a budget so this provided yet ANOTHER opportunity to tell them how it affects our lives ;) You know the speech......"We have a certain amount of money, with that we have choices to make. We can CHOOSE to buy lots of snacky junk items, or we can CHOOSE to use that same money to go out to eat. It's all about choices and making the best ones we can with what we have." I know on some level all these talks are making it through to them a little at a time, by things they say. One day Brianna used a quarter in one of the candy machines and only got a couple pieces of candy and quickly realized that with the other machine she'd have gotten more. She then delcared to us "That wasn't a very good deal, next time I'll use the other machine!" LOL And Ethan is finally realizing the some things ARE worth saving for instead of just buying what you can afford NOW!! Well, sorry for that tangent ;)

In any case, school work is almost done and the sun is starting to peek out so I hope we can head outside to play for awhile.

Oh, and Micah is doing well, he's only picked at his stiches a few time, but not enough to break them or anything.

And Caleb, well he's fast asleep............

FYI: Micah had fallen on the concrete outside and hit his forehead. He ended up having to get 3 stiches but took them like a trooper!! Dr said he probably didn't even need the local! LOL

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