Friday, March 28, 2008

Another fine Monday

Well, not much going on here today :) We got up and going this morning as Micah had an appt at 10:15 to get his stiches removed. Unfortunatley they didn't take them out yet. They were concerned that the scab was still to soft and would retear if they took them out so we have to go back on Wed.
I took a few cute pics from our Easter celebration at my moms this past weekend, but I use her camera right now for my pics (ours broke awhile back :( ) and I had to leave it at her house to charge. Maybe in the next day or two if I get a tad bit of down time I'll run down and get it to upload those for you all :)

Tommarrow is a BUSY day!! We have therapy at 8am, run by Mardels and get a few curriculum things that are on sale, come home and have our bible study group over at 9:45! Yikes!! They are here till about noon then we eat lunch and jump into school work ;) Then I have a chiropractor appt at 4pm and a homeschool meeting at 7pm ..........nothing like staying busy huh?!? LOL And who says homeschooling families just stay home all day!! LOL Wed isn't much better but at least the afternoon should be calm :) Well, I'm off to bed so I can get up early and finish straightening the house for bible study, BEFORE we leave for our appts.

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