Thursday, February 19, 2009

A trip home...........

to Mississippi to see David's Family :) We had a handsome nephew born early this December and we hadn't been in awhile so we made the trip the first weekend in Feb to see the family. I think the kids are getting better about the traveling with each trip :) Not that it was perfect but it was better :)

On the way down our DVD player died on us so we had to make a walmart run and buy one..........sad part was that we couldn't find the double screen ones so we went ahead and got a single screen then when we stopped at a walmart on our way home we found out they were in automotive NOT with all the video stuff :( But alas after some persuasion from David ;) I resolved to just being thankful we had one that was working and the kids were happy!

It was a nice trip, just to short...........

The kids played a really cute game where you hold a character/animal card up to your face and ask questions trying to guess who/what you are, it was too cute!
Since Micah sucks on his index finger everyone always makes a game about asking if they can have a taste or at least have the other here papaw was trying to get the other one!
Micah sleeping.......his only 45 min nap on the 9hr trip home! Gotta love those road trips huh?!?
Caleb took a nice little nap too :)

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