Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow.......no ice playday :)

Yep, you read right. The ground is covered in pretty white..........ice! But alas the kids wanted to go play in it anyway :) So we dug out the snow gear and bundled up. Here's Micah all puffed out in Caleb's gear from last year.

Brianna was a great big sis and followed Micah around to make sure he didn't fall and that his gloves stayed on :)

Caleb in his gear........Ethan's from 2 yrs ago.........the pants were Brianna's before that!
I'm not sure WHY they were raking the ice, but they were :) They wanted to me to take them to the hill to sled, but I had to explain that it's road so it's not safe to sled on it :(

I'm not sure what the kids were doing but apparently Caleb thought he'd try to make a snow angel :)

Of course leave it to Ethan to get a great new idea :)

And of course that looked fun right.........so who else should try :) Oh and yes, Micah is back outside...dressed in another set of clothes! LOL Don't worry he only lasted a few minutes.

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