Monday, May 25, 2009

Caleb's Last day

Caleb had a GREAT time this year in the local headstart program. His teachers were wonderful and they even allowed him to pray over their food every morning for breakfast.....he's a witness already! By the end of the year the kids all knew the prayer and many joined in with him :) The one he said was one the older kids learned in preschool:

Tick toc, Tick toc
now it's time to pray,
we fold our hands
and bow our heads and this is what we say,
God is good,
God is great,
let us thank Him for our food,

Here he was getting an award for participating in their reading program.

He won a drawing and got to pick one of the class books to keep so he chose the foot book :)
And here he is with a few of his good buddies from school ;)
He had a great year and we were so thankful for the program but he is also VERY excited about the fact that "he's done with school and now he's homeschooled!" in his words :)

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