Monday, May 25, 2009

Fishing Derby

Caleb's school participates in an annual fishing derby that headstart puts on for all the centers in the Eastern part of the state. All the students and their families are invited to fish (fishing poles and bait provided) lunch and some games. The kids had a blast and it was a wonderful time. We've also "pick up" a new addition to our family ;) Her name is Savannah and she's a neighbor.

The girls were so funny. Neither one wanted to put a worm on their hook (can't blame them, I wouldn't either! LOL) so they asked one of the boys who were there as volunteers. He was a cadet at a local boys school......I think there were probably 50 or more there to help in various ways. I think shy Brianna got Savannah to do the asking for her ;)

Micah just wanted to cast and reel so we eventually took his hook off and just let him play :)
They had some farm animals there......Micah wanted to get in the pin with the calf!
Everyone enjoyed a lunch of hotdogs or hamburgers.


Just before we left the kids all got their faces painted.........

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