Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First leg of the trip

This is the 3rd summer now that the older kiddos have been privileged to get to spend 2 weeks in Mississippi w/their grandparents there. They have a blast and get to do all kinds of great things with the cousins too. This year we were taking the kids all the way down and we decided to break the trip up a bit so we once again went to the zoo in Little Rock........fun times.
This was the carousel that have us soooo much trouble last time. We had asked the attendant how much it was and of course they only took tokens so David ran to the nearest location to get some. We told the attendant that, and there were plenty of spots open, but as David was running back he started it. To top that off it was the last time he (the attendent) was going to be running it before his lunch break, and we were on our way out of the park :( So this time we did this FIRST!!
This gorilla was so fascinating, he just kept starring like he was thinking so hard about us :)
They have a neat bird santuary with lorakeets where you can buy nectur to feed them.

The birds kept landing on David's shoulder and we couldn't figure out why only his?? Then we figured it out..........they were licking his sweat! LOL Guess it was close enough to nector ;)

Ethan kept trying soooo hard to get a bird on his shoulder, he finally did it :)
It is so cool to me how close the animals seem, you feel like you're in with them.
I don't know what was so good on this wall, but he just kept licking it........look how long his tongue is!

This tiger was cool too, it just kept pacing back and forth.

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