Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation time

It was so nice to get to spend 3 days with some extended family at the lake/beach. We had 3 cabins between us so we got some variety too :)

This was the last leg of the trip getting there and he thought he was so big holding the DVD player :)

The boys fishing.

It was so funny, I tried to tell Darleen that he was just facinated with the stairs and the view but she was still concerned, so here she is following him up the stairs to "slide down".
.........and following him back down :)

Think he's safe?

Brianna was so cute out in the "circle" with the older girls. She's in that spot of wanting to fit in some with the older girls but still wanting to play with the younger kids too.

He worked so hard to get this raft in the water, he wanted to ride on it like the big kids.
David....see he's got a smiles :) Wish I had a copy of the picture his mom took......socks and tennis shoes on at the beach! LOL
Like father like son..........

This was our last night here, after cleaning up and dinner Brianna was out enjoying her music...
Ethan caught this Catfish and got help from his cousin Matthew reeling it in.
How precious is this.......father son time :)

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Sarah said...

I love that father/son photo where they're peeking up at you... too fun.