Friday, September 11, 2009

Kids say the cutest things...

So we were sitting there chatting after dinner and David tells this joke about how some men figured out how to make man so they talked with God and told him they should get equal rights since they too know how to make man. He says go ahead, you say you can do this, sure I'll share my power with you if you can. So the men scoop up a pile of dirt and God stops them saying wait, you have to make your own dirt, I made that! David then has to explain to the kids about how since God made EVERYTHING how can we create anything God hasn't given us. He then questioned the kids, "Right? What is anything we can have that God hasn't given us?" to that, Caleb replied, "A spirit of fear."

Can you tell what scripture we've covered alot in our home?


S.L.P said...

That's precious!

Anonymous said...

That is cute, and a very quick comeback!