Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Which soil are you?

I want to be the soil that hears the word, understands it, doesn't take offense (of persecution or tribulation), and keeps the weeds of life (cares of the world, deceitfulness of riches, and desires for other things) plucked out! You see, in Mark 4 all four soil types HEARD the word, but it was what they did after that that made the difference. The first soil heard but didn't understand. The second heard but became offended when trial and persecution came. The third heard, began to produce fruit but was choked out by more attention being given to (1)the cares of this world,(2) deceitfulness of riches, and (3)desires for other things. BUT The fourth accepts the word and bears fruit....he meditates on it (muttering, repeating, and pondering) continually that he may be a doer of it allowing it to transform him!! God has given the seed, are we doing our part with the soil?? :)

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