Sunday, August 29, 2010

A scrappy flower: my first tutorial!

I've recently discovered soooo many cool blogs with all sorts of fun/relatively easy tutorials, so I've started doing some "stolen idea" crafting. One of which I got at MaryJanes Galoshes. Well after doing one of these I was left with scraps that looked like this:
So I started messing with the scraps and figured out I could make a pretty cool looking flowers. I just scrunched them up this way and that sometimes twisting them a bit then I simply hand sewed starting on the back side right up the center.

I had first made these with some black silky material of which I still had a few odds and ends pieces so I decided to stich those to the back for a two tone look and added a bead.

Here's another pick of adding 2 scraps.
and a view of how the back of it looks so you can see just how odd shaped the scraps were.
Both of these flowers came from that one piece of scrap in the first picture :)
and here they are pictured with the black ones I had made.
Voila, I chose to clip mine to my headband that way I could remove them and mix and match as I'd like according to what I'm wearing. They also look good clipped in the center of my daughters plain bows to make a more decorative bow :)
Sorry the pictures were so blurry, hope you enjoy!

Hope Studios

Me Making Do


MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

Very cute! I love the headband!

Angelle said...

Awesomely done. I think it's a very cool idea.

Angelle said...

A great idea...nice one for Christmas presents for little girls in my daughter's class.

Dorian said...

Very cute! And great use of every piece of fabric available! Thanks for following and for your sweet comments. I will def. be doing more how-to's. I refrained from it, figuring I'll wait to see if anyone even wants tutes! But now that I know, I'll definently be doing more!
Great blog, I'm following!

Heather said...

Very cute what a great way to use up all those scraps! Thanks for linking up!

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Seriously cute headband! To answer the question you left on my blog about my Football Inspired Necklace, you can find a great tutorial for making rolled roses here:
Be sure and add your email address to Blogger to make it easier for other bloggers to respond to any questions you may leave them. :)