Thursday, April 3, 2008

Where does the time go??

My how time flies when you are busy! I haven't blogged since Monday and our live has been jam packed w/events! I mean nothing big or spectacular, just our everyday events, magnified ;) LOL This week is almost over and not to soon, I am worn out!! Tomarrow will be the 3rd trip to the Dr what with going on Monday to get the stiches out, and having to go back on Wed to ACTUALLY get them out ;) Then tom Micah has an OMT appt. In the midst of all that we've had karate, bible study, piano, chiropractor, WIC, just a whole mirid of things :) Sorry I don't have pics of anything yet as I still haven't gotten the camera from my mom.

Today the kids had PE and they are going to Helmzar which is a NEAT set of obsticale courses. I hope to bring the camera next week (they are going there again) with me to try and snap some pics of the kids. Tonight Brianna and I have a Tea Party for keepers (kinda like girl scouts, it's a mother daughter "club" where we help teach them Godly character and womanly skills) that we are so looking forward to. Well, Micah has awoken early from nap so I'm off to get him up.................

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