Thursday, May 8, 2008

lots going on :)

Well, where to start! Last weekend I got to go to the Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Convention in OKC, it was great. My precious husband kept the kids for me while I got to leave Friday afternoon and return home Sunday morning. It was fun, peaceful, educational, and refreshing all at the same time!! A friend, Kim, and I got to go together and we stayed at the Character training Institute which was a hotel w/ministry as it's main purpose. There are no phones or tv's in the rooms but that was actually nice :) And to boot it was only $32 a night!! I returned home to find that Brianna had taken up some of the reins and done all the goat feedings (Chloe was getting bottles at 6:30am, 11:30, 4:30, and 9:30!) and she did it all with a WONDERFUL attitude. Sometimes I forget how much the kids really are capable of helping out and I try to do it all's times like this that David or mom help remind me how much the kids REALLY can help :)

Then I got home on Sunday and we were doing some work in the yard when Amy called asked if we wanted my nephew's bunk beds.........he'd gotten a new bed. Now you have to understand, I've wanted this set since before I even knew she'd bought it 6yrs of course we took it!! The delema....we had no where to put it ;) So that David picked them up on Monday night and we set them up in Micah's room..........and he spent his first night in his "BIG BOY" bed :( It was a sad change for me as this means my last baby is indeed growing up. He just looked so tiny that big bed :(

The reallly nice part however is that Caleb can sleep on the top bunk for naps (he says it's to dark in there at night and he LOVES having that chat time with Ethan ;) )which frees up Ethan's room if I need him to lay and rest or read :) I'm sooooo loving it! Well, Micah's up early and we have an appt this afternoon to check out a head start program, then Brianna's piano recital tonight, gotta run :)

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