Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our Rodeo experiance

David got box seats, company tickets, to the Claremore rodeo! We got to go last year and the kids LOVED it as did we, so we didn't have to think twice when we were offered them this year!! We were also able to invite a friend and her two kids :)
Here they are Lexi, Brianna, Ethan, and Zachary........looks like Caleb got cut out of the picture, but he was there after Zachary :)

I can't remember what this is called, but it's an event where all the kids in the audience get to come out in the arena and chase 5 cows w/tags on their tails to get the tags. Each child w/a tag wins a prize! Caleb went out but quickly got frightened when the kids all started running in different directions....thankfully he was at the fence near our seats, where dad was still seated, so he climbed the fence to safety! LOL So below is a pic of all the kids running to catch the cows!

See the tag on their tails.....
Well Brianna got one!!!
Zachary, Lexi, Brianna, and Ethan showing off Brianna's prize :)
We also got to see the Budweiser clydesdales, wow do they look gorgeous!

I was trying to get a cute mother daughter pic of Lexi and Tiffany, but Lexi kept pouting and apparently when I snapped Tiffany was showing Lexi what it looked like :) To cute!
Zachary and Tiffany, all smiles.

I think they boys might have been bored in between events as they kept trying to climb the fence :) But alas fun was had for all, and everyone in our house crashed hard........I'm sure in Tiffany's too!!

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Anonymous said...

thanks again for the invite, we had a great time ;) and yes, not one single peep, i think they sleep walked through their baths even, haha!