Monday, May 12, 2008

a looong but fun trip

We went to Mississippi to see David's family this last weekend. David's mom was hosting a suprise party for his Grandmother for her 80th birthday!! We decided, pretty much last minute, to leave on Thur evening so we could break the trip up into 2 days and see some things. David looked up parks and such and we decided to go to the Little Rock Zoo...........bonus was that our Tulsa Zoo Friends pass got us in free!!!
Daddy and the kids looking over one of the zoo's many neat exhibits where you get to look down on the animals instead of looking through a fence or glass :)
Our rather close up view of the giraffes!
It was so funny, this orangutan was sitting on the ground and this sheet was laying next to him then he reached over and grabbed it and placed it on his head........we all got a kick out of this :)
Caleb as usual wouldn't get in on this pic, but the other three played along.
Doesn't he look so cut! We were in with the lorikeets and he was holding his arm out to try and get the birds to land on him :) of course they never landed on any of us................I was relieved, I have a bit of a fear of them after watching the movie "The Birds" in highschool! LOL

ahhhh, but this was the highlight :) We play a game in the car that we call the animal guessing game where we describe an animal and everyone else tries to guess what it is. Well Ethan had come up with this "new" animal and Brianna and I were just SURE it wasn't real ..................well, here is it plain as day! The naked mole rat!!!

Micah leading Gran around the porch :)
This was David's bike when he was a preschooler!

It was a quick but full trip, so the kids were exhausted and all slept part of the way home......

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