Saturday, November 1, 2008

More new additions!

Well, the monthly aution was today! We knew we were going to be adding chickens, but David also surprised us with 2 bunnies since we'd lost Fluffy :) He's so thoughful! The really nice part is that they are smaller so they are much easier to handle. I'm not sure yet if they are a dwarf breed or if they are still just very young. Brownie (the brown one) was also either not well cared for or housed with other rabbits that hurt her, or recently had babies, as she's a little boney and missing lots of her lower when they pull it out to make a "nest" for the babies. The other bunny we aren't sure yet if it's male or female as it has sooooo much fur I couldn't get a good look. David had to leave as soon as he dropped them off so I'll have to wait till he gets back home and have him help me check it out ;) I'm hoping they are both girls as I'm not quite ready to deal with babies given the season changing and all the new animals we've added! LOL 

This is our unamed, sex unknown rabbit :)
And this would be Brownie ;) Although since not EVERYONE was involved in the naming, it IS subject to change :) LOL

And this is part of the new hutch David is building for them :) I say he's doing a pretty great job especially considering he had no plans/pattern to look at!


S.L.P said...

I'm sorry about your bunny, but you sure got some cuties to replace her. I remember the rabbit days when I was young. Fun! Are your chickens laying already? Ours got attacked by a possum last night, but all survived unharmed. It's about time you got yourself a good ole pair of overalls!

mom2four said...

LOL! Yeah and some work boots :) Glad to hear your chickens weren't harmed. I believe they're laying eggs, but I won't know for sure till we get some ;)

DerbyMomof3 said...

I am glad the country life is so good for you. I think the kids are really ready for 4-H! Instead of a vacation to a dude ranch...People can come to your house;-)

mom2four said...

lol, yeah, and we could earn money that way! He He :)