Thursday, November 27, 2008

So much to give thanks for!

I think I have the greatest husband!! First of all, he worked so hard to build me a great rabbit hutch (will post pics in another post later) and get it done before the weather got to cold. He finished it this last weekend! Then this morning he went to the store for me to get the oven bags I forgot to buy for the turkey........and came home with these :)
So I began arranging my table around them as a beautiful center piece ...

 and I realized I didn't even have a full matching set of silverware :( So I told him to add that to my Christmas wish list and he said, "Why wait till Christmas, I'll go to the store right now and get you some. " Now is that not just an awesome husband or what? So I'll have to come back and add some pics when he gets back ;) 

He emailed it to me from the store to make sure I like it :)

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DerbyMomof3 said...

How thoughtful! The flowers are beautiful, too!