Thursday, November 13, 2008

The vote is in.....

Brianna took a TRU (teachers R us, meaning us moms take turns teaching in pairs) class called Electing America's Leaders this semester. She had fun and I was STRETCHED!! LOL David is the government guru in our family however I'm quickly learning ;) In any case, they've been learning about the setup of our government, many of the offices within our government, and of course the processes of an election. We also ran an election of our own so they could get a feel for how an election works. It came down to 2 Emilys for class president, one of which was a pretty close friend of Brianna's. They even got to participate in a phone bank and call friends/family members to ask for their votes in the election! They had a great time. Below is a picture of Brianna "signing in" so she can vote.
And here she is in the "voting booth" filling out her ballot :)
Placing her vote in the box to be counted!!

And she even got an I voted sticker :)

So, if you had ANY doubts she was still learning this year........I hope this cancels those :)

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