Monday, December 15, 2008

13th and 14th.......

So Sat the 13th I spent pretty much all day Christmas shopping, of which I hadn't even started. And I got just about all of it done :) Then Sat evening we had a couples Christmas party at church.

Sunday the 14th was the long awaited Christmas program at church. Brianna, Ethan, and I were all in it. The kids were a part of the childrens choir with Brianna having a small speaking part and I was a part of the adult choir. 

BTW, our church is in the process of adding on so we have some lovely scaffolding in the background :)


So now you're up to speed on the month of December :)


S.L.P said...

Where's the video of you singing in the choir? It's great keeping up with your family. I can't wait until the kids get to dress up for their "program" next week.

Charissa said...

All this blogging and you forgot to mention 3 grown ladies shoving a goat between two fence posts!

mom2four said...

lol, thanks for the reminder, see I'd already forgotten! I went back and added it ;)