Monday, December 15, 2008

Dec 11th.........the big day!

Well it's here, my oldest baby is .............drumroll...........10!!! Where has the time gone?? So now for the party :)

So here's the table all set. 
And Brianna with one of her guests.
Here we were talking about the different foods on the table and giving a mini history lesson :)
This was the first game, frog in the middle. One person has to sit on a stool in the center and the others dance around her and "chant" frog in the middle you can't catch me, while the "frog" tries to tag someone. 
Next up was blind mans buff. In this game the person in the middle roams around the circle (the girls have all moved spots once she closes her eyes) and then touches a persons face/hair/clothes etc to try and guess who they've picked!
I can't remember the name of this, but they use two craft sticks (dowl rods in our case) to toss a craft hoop, wrapped in ribbon, from one person to the next.....this was funny to watch :) ........btw, notice her dress. Not to bad huh?!?

They also played hide the thimble and pass the ring. These were all games from colonial times but these modern day girls had so much fun!! I was really nervous about this party as it was my first time to host one in my home but I think it was an all around hit!!


S.L.P said...

Did you make her dress!?!?! It's lovely! Either my blogroll wasn't keeping up with your posts or you posted all at once. Lovin' the pics!

mom2four said...

lol, no, your blog roll was fine. I was WAY behind on posting!

Charissa said...

Thanks again for inviting Liesel. She had fun!

mom2four said...

oh good, I'm glad :) I was worried since she's so shy and didn't really know anyone.