Monday, December 15, 2008

Dec with friends

We started this busy month reconnecting with old friends :) Myself and 2 ladies I was in a playgroup with when Brianna and Ethan were between the 3 of us we have.......12 kids!!! The kids had a blast though and not a moment was quiet, although it got close when they were eating their snack! LOL 

Obviously a few kiddos were missing in the pic ;)

Oh, and I was reminded that during the process of this visit we had a minor emergency. Our female goat got stuck in the iron fence!! Kinda freaked out and also cold, all three of us moms were working to get her unstuck. Finally after 2 coats of vegetable oil and some team work we finally got her out..........I was about in tears so NO, I didn't get a picture although it was pointed out by one friend DURING this that we should get the camera what with two blogging moms involved here! LOL 

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