Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another fun weekend around the house :)

Ethan being a monkey as usual, climbing the trees.
This is our female goat, Chloe....resting in the dog house that serves as her shelter for now :)
Caleb chillin w/daddy by the fire after eating.
This is our male goat.....Eddy ;) He thinks he's a dog and LOVES to jump up on you and rub.
Brianna making silly faces w/Micah.
The whole crazy bunch in their mismatch country playclothes! LOL
Oh yeah, Caleb had to make a funny face too :)
I just love these kinds of pics of the kids......and Micah is probaly the biggest ham of them all....he'll stop just about anything to say cheese!

Ooops, caught drinking dad's drink :)

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