Sunday, June 1, 2008

What can duct tape NOT fix?

Ok, so yesterday I was going to take the boys to big splash for some water fun........well they were closed due to storms that came through over the weekend. Ok, so we decide to check out the new pool in Broken Arrow that looks really cool, get there after calling them, and they had to close due to someone having an accident in the pool :( So we drive to the other B.A. pool......closed every Monday! Now we head to a local splash's ooober packed so the kids played for a bit but were a little intimidated so we left after 20 min :( Wellllllll, big splash was closed again today so we decided to empty the sand out of the kiddie pool we have, we'd been using it as a sand box the last year, and fill it with water to play here. Get it all emptied and ...........there are holes/cracks in it! Well, we went ahead and took naps and then BOOM, i thought of it, try duct tape!!! It saved our day!!

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