Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Phantom

Hmmmmm, where to start? Well for our Christmas present Mom and Tim had bought us tickets to see "Phantom of the Opera", which I've wanted to see for years now :). David really wanted us to be able to get dressed up that night so he'd begun looking online and at stores for a dress for me. His selections included dress that were $200-$300 and I just couldn't justify spending that kind of money on ONE dress know me, miss frugle! LOL Well, on Father's day we had decide to take the kids on a free outing to walk around the mall ;) and got to looking at some great sales they were having on prom/evening wear. I found this dress at JcPenny's and loved it. All the dresses in it's section were marked down to $20 so I assumed this one was too. Well, after trying it on and falling in love with it I decided it was a steal at $20 so I'd get it :) .........only it was NOT $20 but $80 :( So I opted to wait and look some more, but the mall was closing very soon. So David and I went home that night and discussed what we'd found and that we'd go ahead and get it the next day. Well upon David's trip into Tulsa he ended up not having time to get to the store. So I went by on Tue morning......well once again I just couldn't bring myself to spend the $80. So I looked around the evening wear section where everything was 50% off and found a cute dress that would be $45, well that's better than $80 so I thought I'd go ahead and take that route ;) When I got up to the counter I asked the associate if she knew why that one rack was still only 20% off when everything else in that area was 60-75% off?? She said they should all be, proceeded to call a manager who told us, yes, that dress should be $20!! So I got it :) Plus shoes, (on sale) a purse, (on sale) and a guarder type thing (also ON SALE :) ) and still spent only about that same $80 for the whole evenings attire!!! So I felt like a million bucks :) Isn't God good, even in the "small" things of our lives. We had asked Him for this, and he proved, with only a week to spare, but he still provided!!

Us before dinner at Tei Kei's.
My sister, mom, and myself.

Amy, Dan, Mom, Tim, myself, and David.
One of my favorite shots, us outside of Tei Kei's after dinner.
My ticket and program from the show.
David and I in front of an old style clock after the show was over.

It was a wonderful night and I felt like a princess with her prince charming :)


Charissa said...

Wow, I love deals like that!!! How wonderful, makes the evening even that much more exciting. You look great! I like the picture of you and your mom and Amy. So fun!

mom2four said...

yep, they sure do :) Thanks for your comment, you have no idea how much I look forward to them since you are the ONLY one who comments me..........makes me wonder if anyone even reads it.......

NancyNMS said...

Love your blog and sorry I haven't visited before.

Glad to see you and Dave dressing up and going out.

The kids are a handful and you are doing a great job as MOM!

mom2four said...

ohhhh goody!! I'm sooo glad to see someone else finally reading it :)

DerbyMomof3 said...

I read it too :). I think you guys look great. I love to go to the Theatre. It is such a great grown up night out.
I think I may have fixed my comment problem on my blog. Let me know when you have a chance.

Jamiehuns said...

Wow Trisha, you're very good at blogging! Love the little stories with pics.

This is my first visit, but i'll be back.