Sunday, June 1, 2008

summer camp.....

Well Ethan and Brianna left Sunday for summer camp out at DryGulch :) Ethan has waited 2 long years since he heard all about how much fun Brianna had there, and this year it was FINALLY his turn. We had to check in at the church and get the kids checked for head lice. Then wait around in the HOT sun for them to begin loading the buses.

Once the buses were all loaded they headed off to camp.............we of course followed them since we'd also done that Brianna's first year ;)

Ethan hanging out the bus window to say hey just as they arrived at camp :)
Brianna waiting w/her group at camp to go finish checking in.
Brianna getting the last check for head lice.
Ethan getting checked now.
Caleb was in checking out Ethan's bunk and the counselor was teasing him asking if he was ready to stay for camp :)
Buddies Ethan and Bryce!

We pick them up Thur at noon and we'll hear all about the week!!

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