Saturday, June 7, 2008

memories for a lifetime....

David and Ethan were able to go on a father son fishing trip last weekend....their first ever "guys only outing". Ethan had been begging to go fishing for quite some time now and a friend invited he and David to go with their church Royal Rangers group. They had a GREAT time and one they surely never forget :)

Ethan standing on the dock checking out the water.
Ahhh, love that "grin" he gives us for the camera.
This is definately a picture to scrapbook. He's fishing w/his fishing license tag on ;)
He's got a fish!!
See my fish?

Precious moments back at the camp, tossing the football around.
They're getting ready to head to the water to "swim" and play.

The "roaring rapids" that his knees scraped the bottom of going down :) but it was fun! LOL
Wading w/the raft.

Here's the gang that went to the "swimming hole" , the ONLY pic w/David in it too!!

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