Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tons of fun

Our church had their annual picnic this last weekend. They had all kinds of blow up things for the kids on top of being at a park.....needless to say the kids had a BLAST!!

This is Brianna strapping up to climb the blow up wall.
And climbing.......

Caleb headed for the jupiter jump and had some great wild boy time!!
And here's Ethan straping up for his turn to climb.
and there he goes............

Even Caleb had a go at it....he didn't go as high but boy was I proud of him!!
You know, God is sooooo good. We had gone to a pumpkin patch the day before with some friends and didn't know they'd have a hay ride that would cost $3 per person so we hadn't brought money to go. Well, wouldn't you know our church had FREE hayrides and the kids even got to go more than once!! So here are Brianna and Caleb on the hay ride.
Caleb right after he'd gotten his face painted...........he really had liked it when they did this at church a few weeks ago so he got what he thought was the same painting (a lion) .....he was very upset when I called him a little tiger!!
Brianna was getting her tiger face painted on :) Ethan stood here patiently waiting his turn.
And here was Ethan's finished product of a spiderman face!!
Ethan throughly enjoyed playing horse shoes, which he had just discovered they day before at the pumpkin patch :)
Brianna and Ethan on the hay ride :)
And last but certainly not least, Ethan and Brianna fighting it out in a "productive" way ;) You gotta watch to see who wins!

The day really wore Caleb out and he passed out on the way home............

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