Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The farm is growing :)

Well we lost Choloe this last Tue night :( So we were once again faced with wheither to sell Eddie or get another goat. Welllllll, we opted to get another one :) This time from a different place. We are still debating if we should call her Chloe (so Micah doesn't have to learn another name) or to move on to another name.........Gloria we were thinking. So here she is. After looking some things up I think she might be a LaManche.......a milk goat :)
Annnnndddd, David surprised us by buying a rabbit too! We've named her fluffy and are told they have no idea if she's pregnant! LOL 
Then that afternoon we were driving home from getting feed and supplies and we stopped by the water in the trailer park near us to feed the ducks/geese. 

This kitten was also added awhile back when David found it cornered, at a jobsite, by two masstives :( The kids love it and even Micah carries it around the yard. 
And this is Tigger who came to us via a lady we were helping out several months ago. 
Now it sounds like we have a possibility of getting chickens on our horizon!! So we really are turning into a small farm :) Who would have guessed. If you ask anyone who knew me growing up and they'll sure tell you they never would have pegged me for all this. I was the child who didn't even like being outside for recess and would go help the kindergarden teachers ;) LOL

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Charissa said...

Looks like you have definitely become a farm girl!