Saturday, October 25, 2008

Country living

Ok, so in the "theme" of going more country living here....... last week we learned how to make pear preserves!! We started out with a whole bucket of pears much like the ones below (these were the leftovers as we got tired of peeling and cutting, plus our pan was full :)

So with some recipe help, and a couple of calls in the process our neighbors taught us how to make these and BOY are they yummy!! I think we're going to make some with our frozen blackberrys next :) yuuuuummmmm


Charissa said...

Trisha I am so impressed! Are you guys not at COTM anymore? Different things you've mentioned make me not think so. Sorry about Friday, we had other plans but I really would like to get together with you!! You guys are more than welcome to come here too. Tuesdays are BAD but pretty much any other day usually works. Let me know when it works for you.

mom2four said...

You are correct we've switched to WOC. No problem about Fri, I figured you were busy. Mon or Fri's are the best days for us ;)

Sarah said...

I made blackberry jam over the summer, and it was great! I'll have to get your recipe for the preserves, because they look delicious!