Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MNI.....the truth comes out :)

Ok, so I have an awesome dh that realizes my need for socialization and time with the girls :) What might we do at these gatherings..........well all kinds of things! Sometimes we just go to a movie, or dinner, sometimes we just hang out and have coffee. Other times we head to someones home and shock ourselves :) Kidding, this was a first for me (I actually didn't even play this game, just watched)! It was so much fun, we played Apples to Apples, Scattagories, and Guesstures along with a few brave that played this shocking game :)

About the game: So it's 2 controllers and it has buttons/sensors on it. Each player holds the controller. A small (so I'm told) shock is sent to each player, a pause, another shock. After 4 at the same level it'll get a little stronger....repeat 4x's......stronger.....etc. up to 4 strengths. The first player to let go (which I hear can only be done in between shocks cause your muscles like tense up) looses ;) How's that for some great fun?!?

I have more pics and video but I have to get the participants permission first :)


Sarah said...

Ohhhh wow. That's great!! I hate that I missed it!

S.L.P said...

So, are there any adverse effects to this game? We could go out front and take turns grabbing the cattle fence...Now I totally want a girls night out!

DerbyMomof3 said...

I see why you didn't play. Sounds like a hysterical game. I love my mom's Night out too. We usually play Texas Hold'em. Nothing too "shocking"