Monday, January 26, 2009

New Years fun :)

We had another family over to bring in new year. We started off with a FEAST of food, then followed the night up with games and a movie for the kiddos.

We all played poor kitty :) Brianna's meow's got so long and Micah jumped in on the fun! LOL

Tommy on the floor cuddled up with a HUGE bear they brought and a blanket.....ready for the movie :)
Brianna and Emily.......ready too.........
Caleb, Bethany, Ethan, and their dog ginger! The movie is on!!

Now what are the adults doing you ask........playing the Wii of course! Boxing was the game of choice in these pictures ;)

Amazingly, SOME how both ladies beat their men in this game?!? Guess we haven't fully figured that one out ;)


Charissa said...

Look at your expression Trisha, you look stressed! :)

mom2four said...

lol, nah, just REALLY into it!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!
I can beat Aaron at boxing!