Monday, July 7, 2008

lots of memories

Our home computer basically crashed so David was trying to salvage any information, pictures included, that he could. So he managed to get most of them onto a zipdrive for me to look at and see if I had them on my laptop. Man what a walk down memory lane :) Here are just a few ;)
Ethan used to love to dress up with Brianna and since we didn't have any "boy" dress up stuff yet he'd dress up in what we DID have ;)
A famous funny Ethan face for the camera! LOL
Ethan's making a funny face, but they really were close and LOVED to play together, with many fewer fights, when they were younger.

Brianna "graduating" from kindergarden :)
Caleb enjoying being outside.
Boy do Caleb and David have the same look here or what?!?
One of the many times Faith came and stayed with us during this period in her life........
I loved this face and Caleb went thorough a phase of making it quite often :)
Awww, Caleb's sweet tippy toes reaching him up to the sink.

Brianna's first day of first grade!

Ethan and Caleb playing on the floor......funny thing is I just pulled both of these outfits out of storage, the bigger one for Caleb to wear and the smaller one for Micah to wear!!!
My how they grow up fasts and sometimes you don't even realize it till you look back in pictures :( I'm so thankful to have all these wonderful memories on camera!

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DerbyMomof3 said...

I have been thinking that I need to back up all my pictures. Maybe I should get on that soon because I would be VERY upset if I lost them all.