Monday, July 14, 2008

Power Surge!

Ok, so last Wed morning we had a humdinger of a morning! Our day was supposed to start with swimming lessons at 9am, while Brianna would be with mom heading to piano lessons, we'd go to Micah's Dr's appt, then we'd meetup to do whatever. WELLLLL little did we know that our morning would be turned upside down! I was checking some emails while the boys were taking their time waking up and Brianna was practicing her piano.....all the sudden the lights get really bright...then dim.....then bright......then regular?!? I went ahead and unplugged my computer because while it was small we were having a storm. Then Brianna and I notice a strange smell. We start kinda sniffing around and thought maybe lightening hit the A/C?!? So I call David who says he'll come home and check it out. I finish getting the boys up and we all start getting dressed.......then the smell get stronger. So I start looking around the house more......notice the small appliance downstairs are smoking and sizzling! So I call David back.........voicemail! ACK!! I then text him to call me ASAP.....he replies "What, is the house on fire?" probably being sarcastic but I respond...."is might be!" so he calls :) I proceed to ask him if it could be an electrical fire? Should I call the fire department? He says if it would make me feel better go ahead and call them. Are you readly for this, it gets better! LOL I call 911 and tell them what's going on and they ask me my address......they transfer me and I notice when they answer the phone they said SHERIFFS department. Ok, I still proceed to tell them my story and how I wonder if maybe there's an electrical fire?!? I don't know about this stuff and I just want to make sure my kids are safe........after some discussion with him we decide to dispatch someone. He asks for my address.........

man: "um mam, you're in Catoosa"

me: uh HELLO, I KNOW that!

man: "Well", he says, " you've called the Inola Sheriffs department."

Me: "No, I called 911, they transfered me to you!"

Man: "you'll have to call the Catoosa Fire department, I can't help you"

Me: "thank"

soooo, I call 911 again, explain what happened was told there is NO INOLA sheriffs department! Whatever, I just need the Catoosa fire department please. sooo I'm transfered again. Thankfully they got it right and a team was dispatched. Once they got here and did their walk through they discovered there had been a power surge due to a faulty neutral line from the transformer. So they put in a call to PSO.

PSO gets here and finds indeed it's true that there is a faulty neutral line. Good news.....they'll put in a temp line till they get the permanent one fixed. Bad news.......the surge fried several of our small appliances including all alarm clocks, microwave, computer modem, etc... So now we are still in a holding pattern for PSO to send and adjuster out and look at everything and determine what if anything they'll pay :( Let me tell you, a week is a long time without those conveniances you're used to!!


DerbyMomof3 said...

crazy day! Were the kids excited/scared to see the fire trucks at their house? I wasn't aware 911 transfers you to other places. Guess I never have called them before. Hope it gets fixed soon. Thinkin bout you.
Good luck,

mom2four said...

They weren't really excited or scared, just curious ;) Yeah, I wasn't aware they transfered you either! Maybe it's just cause we are in a rural area?!?