Saturday, July 26, 2008

a nannie and a kid :)

Well, we sold "Chloe" today. When we bought Chloe and Eddy we paid $25 for the we sold Chloe for $44 :) Not bad huh?! Now goats are herd animals so they do best when they have company, so of course we bought a nannie (female) to keep Eddy company ;) Long story short David had to make a purchase without me there so now I'm waiting for him to get home so I can see her. He said she was white, to which I was sad cause I'm not a fan of the plane white goats, they aren't near as pretty in my opinion. Then he went on to correct himself reminding me that just the other day he'd called Franny (the dog) white, when she's clearly beige or light tan by my standard ;) LOL, so we'll see what color the new nannie really is! I'll get a pic on here soon.

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