Saturday, July 26, 2008

gardening, a learning curve ;)

Well, remember we decided to grow a garden this year........well, there will definately be a learning curve to this! LOL some of the plants are doing well, other look a little sad. Some of them we weren't even sure WHAT they were when they first started sprouting up.....till we found our planting chart ;)
These are the beans, they look pretty healthy, but no pods yet?!? The smaller ones were planted a month or two later than the larger ones ;)
These are the cantalope which were also planted later than the rest of the garden.
This is one of 2 lonely carrots that started to grow.
Here's our corn that sprouted up quickly but then just kinda stoped :(
This is one type of lettuce....don't remember which kind :)

And here is another.
This is our okra whic apparently is ready to be harvested :)
This is our one lonely pumpkin, it is a smaller variety.
This is one of our 2 poor tomatoe plants. We've only harvested 3 tomatoes and 1 we waited to long for, another looked like a worm or some bugs got it, and the last *might* be usable :) They are a smaller variety and I think next year we'll go with a bigger one. Anyway, I've finally found a great gardening message board that I can bombard with my gardening questions so hopefully my next one will be more successful :)


Anonymous said...

I'll be glad to help too if I can. You might also join Blotanical to meet others who are gardening.

I've grown things here all my life.~~Dee

mom2four said...

wow, a new reader! Thanks Dee, I'll check Blotanical out :)

DerbyMomof3 said...

My mom suggests squirting with some Miracle Grow.She always has a great garden and said that is her secret.