Sunday, November 21, 2010

1890's day cont...

After we finished up at the school house we headed over to the farm house.

This was the "counter" area in the kitchen.
The sink....
with shelves above it for spices and such as well as some cooking utensils.
The wood burning stove. They talked about how on Saturday nights mama would hang blankets up over the doorways and run the stove for heat so the family could take turns bathing for their weekly bath in the wash tub. And see the round silver thing hanging on the wall? That's an old fashioned toaster :) They set it on the stove and heat came through the holes toasting the bread.....pretty neat I think.
The other counter area and small shelf w/canned foods.....home canned of course!
The parents bedroom with laundry to be ironed on the bed.....along with the bed warmer.

Child's room.

A toy table, lots of little wooden trinkets. 

As Jerry my sewing machine guy would say, "Like Grandma's old black head singer." :)
The wood stove in the family room or parlor.

Cool old catalogues they had. You could buy everything from headstones to carriages to clothes and the list goes on! 

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Sarah said...

I remember going to Montgomery Ward as a kid. It blows my mind that it and Sears have (had?) been around for so long. So neat.